The Humber STS

When Weston and Mount Dennis first installed sewers, they were ‘combined’ where a single split pipe carried sewage to the Rockcliffe treatment plant, and storm water into the Humber and Black Creek.  As the population grows, separated systems are slowly replacing the combined system, but some remain.   In 1960,  the Humber Wastewater Treatment Plant on the Queensway opened and new trunk sewers along the Humber and Black Creek eliminated most, but not all, the combined sewers.  The  trunk sewers are now over 50 years old and in need of repair.

What you will see on the walk are holes where composite tubes are lowered inside the concrete sewer pipe, and then pushed into position by the large excavator.  Once a section is relined, a new access chimney is installed and the holes filled.  And after that, the parkland will be restored to replace the trees removed for access.

Site 10 is the main construction yard for the project, and we ask you to please stay away from it.