Mount Dennis Eco-neighborhood Initiative


With the opening of the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT’s Mount Dennis Station, Mount Dennis is in the midst of major transit investment as a mobility hub that will increase urban intensification and pressures for gentrification. It also is a candidate to improve green (ex. flood management) and social infrastructure (schools, hospitals) in this historic and dynamic Toronto community dealing with both significant economic and social challenges. 

We are an initiative of the MDCA, that aims to:

  • Engage the diverse stakeholders of the Mount Dennis community in co-designing a community-based local climate action plan.
  • Determine a range of strategic actions that support actions of the Canada Growth and Climate Change
    Framework, Made in Ontario Environment Plan and TransformTO targets, and achieve locally integrated social, economic and environmental Community Benefits.
  • Bring at least three climate action strategies into the implementation stage by the completion of this initiative.

The Mount Dennis EcoNeighborhood Initiative is a project working to guide holistic positive transformation for the broader Mount Dennis area. It looks to create a sustainable community that reduces carbon, creates employment, and builds community. This project will build community-based knowledge and local leadership, as it designs and takes actions that address current socio-economic inequity while enhancing neighbourhood sustainability through leveraging local urban development.

Who we are
  • Our team
  • Visions, objectives, and guiding principles
  • Milestones
Initiatives & Targets
Ongoing initiatives include:
  • The Mount Dennis ecoCampus
  • Sustainable Development Advocacy
  • Community (Renewable) Energy 
  • Re-naturalization
  • Circular Economy
  • Weather and Flood Risk Management
  • Green Jobs + Green Economy
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