2021 CleanUps

MDCA is again organizing spring cleanups.  The current covid surge makes all events subject to cancellation, but at present our plans are to hold a distanced outdoor event each Saturday.  Please wear a mask and bring gloves, we will have some gloves available but better if you use your own.         

April 3rd      Somerville & Sunnybrae ravine edges     meet 10 a.m. @ west end of Glenvalley Dr.

April 10th    Jane St. & Pinehill ravine edges                  meet 10 a.m. @ Jane by end of Bartonville W.

April 17th     Lambton /Astoria + Jane St. south of Eglinton      meet 10 a.m. @ Lambton Ave. at Astoria Ave.

April 24th    South side of Eglinton ravine edges            meet 10 a.m. @ S.E. Flats Park, parking lot entrance

May 1st         Dora Spencer Rd. + Trail to Humber from Portage Park    Meet 10 a.m. @ Weston Rd. & Dora Spencer