Mount Dennis – Weston Virtual Historic Trail

locator map
(P)arking and (T)rail locations
The regenerated Humber
To access the trail by car, PARK in the lot on Emmett  near Eglinton, or further north on Emmett.  Don’t block the site driveway.  Pedestrians and TTC users can walk in from Emmett, or on trails from both  Portage Gardens Park and  from the east end of the Eglinton bridge.
Walking in the Humber valley from Eglinton towards Lawrence, a walker can gain both an insight into the geology of Ontario, but also understand the changes and challenges facing people who were here or are here today.

Our virtual trail has two goals.  For those who can’t visit the trail, it is an introduction to the history of the valley, linking to other websites with a range of information starting with basic facts, but also providing detailed analysis.  And for those on site, it is a guide to what they are seeing,  and a road map to the features that are no longer visible due to the regrowth of the forest.

This project is now in its second decade. We are working with our indigenous neighbours to make this area an insight into indigenous practice as would have been seen when the first Europeans came here.  We also hope to make the valley more accessible for the entire community, with direct connections to the West Park campus and to Scarlett Road at the south. We also hope to see the trail become a more pleasant place to visit with better information readily available as you visit.

Our major topics will include 

  1. The Big Humber Bang,  a look into the geology and paleontology
  2. Oceans, Lakes, and Carbon, why we need a healthy Humber  
  3. First Nations, Then and Now
  4. Simcoe vs The Carrying Place.  Mistakes were made.  
  5. Mills, Ponds, and Resources and how to repair  
  6. The Toronto Hospital for the Consumptive Poor, over 100 years of public health and pandemic care
  7. Hurricane Hazel and flooding
  8. The Dennis and Denison Families  
  9. The Humber STS ( Sanitary Trunk Sewer ) impact and upgrades 
  10. Crosstown LRT construction, above ground may be the least invasive of the valley

The sites you can visit include

  1. The LRT site
  2. The Lost Piggery 
  3. The Cistern
  4. Natural Regeneration of Wetlands and Forest
  5. An Indigenous Interpretation
  6. a) St John’s Cemetery b) Raymore Weir