Walk into the Humber to learn about the history and future, as Metrolinx builds an LRT across the river, and our indigenous residents work to create a shared space reflecting their view of a space to be passed down the generations.      

Many Mount Dennis residents know and love the natural Humber Valley along the western edge of our community. If you have never visited this area, you definitely should.  Even if you know the valley well, we guarantee you will learn something new! From the indigenous Carrying Place trail to Hurricane Hazel, the valley went from forest to resource extraction to  farmland and now to curated forest.  Following 75 years of unattended naturalization, Metrolinx now is planning an LRT crossing the river adjacent to Eglinton Avenue.

Metrolinx staff participated in our September 25, 2021 walk, discussing the LRT design and the investigative work that took place  in Summer, 2021.

Indigenous groups have been working in the valley in recent years to help it return to its historic state, a forest garden where desirable trees and plants are nurtured, and less desirable species gradually eradicated.  In clearings, forest agriculture is employed to grow food and medicinal plants. 

Park along Emmett Ave.  You can walk in at the Portage Gardens trail or  down from Eglinton at the Humber bridge.  

This project was funded by City of Toronto, The Balsom Foundation, and Park People.