This is our newsletter archive. MDCA’s first newsletters, back in 2012, were 2 pages, twice per year. In Fall 2013 we expanded to a 4-page format supported by advertisements from local businesses, organizations and our elected representatives. In 2015 we began issuing three newsletters per year, and starting that fall, increased the length to 8 pages.

Then, in 2017, we started to present two versions, a fast loading but low res versio ideal for phones and browsers, and a high definition version as used by our typpsetter!

Each issue of our newsletter now reaches more than 7,000 local mailboxes, as well as being available oon-line! The rate for adverts is currently $105 per 1/12th page per issue. Printing services are by Nirvana Press on Industry Street. Articles are written by MDCA Board members (and occasionally by others in the community).

We welcome feedback about our community newsletters, and we encourage ALL local residents to support our local businesses and organizations – especially those whose advertisements make the newsletters possible!

Our most recent newsletter was published in March 2020, before the extent of the Covid-19 crisis was understood; the “upcoming events” described there have all been postponed or cancelled. In view of the COVID situation, MDCA will not produce a printed summer newsletter in 2020. However, some articles that would have been included in the summer issue will be posted here in the next few weeks

The on-line newsletters below are available in two versions:

  • Compact, designed to load quickly on browsers and mobile devices
  • High-resolution, suitable for printing or presentation displays 

‘Postponed’ edit of Spring newsletter

22nd Edition Spring 2020 for phones

22nd Edition Spring 2020 for printing

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21st EditionMDCA Fall 2019 for phones

21st Edition MDCA Fall 2019 for printing

20th EditionMDCA Summer 2019 for phones

20th EditionMDCA Summer 2019 for printing

19th EditionMDCA Spring 2019 for phones

19th EditionMDCA Spring 2019 for printing

18th Edition     Fall 2018   for  phones
18th Edition     Fall 2018      for printing

17th Edition Summer 2018 for web and phone

17th Edition Summer 2018 for printing

16th Edition Spring 2018 Compact Version for web and phones

16th Edition Spring 2018 High Definition Version for printing

15th Edition Fall/Winter 2017 Compact Version for web and phones

15th Edition Fall/Winter 2017 High Definition Version for printing

14th Edition Summer 2017

13th Edition Spring 2017 

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