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Welcome to the Mount Dennis Community Association website.  This page will get you acquainted and updated.  First, some housekeeping!

This is a picture of a “hamburger” menu icon.  Some readers were not familiar with it, so a brief introduction.  If the main menu isn’t visible, often in a sidebar to the left,  please click the hamburger menu icon at extreme top left to refresh ( or hide ) the menu.

The What’s New page is an easy way to get started or to see new content at mountdennis.ca.

Our eBlasts are published about 26 times a year and have information of immediate interest.  With the COVID-19 crisis, they will also have more in-depth articles that will be published on the website.  Just below is an i-frame connecting  to our most recent blast.  You can also Subscribe or read Past Issues!  Or even get immediate translation.

Our latest Feature Article is about issue of flooding near Black Creek.  Basement flooding is an issue across Toronto