Ward 5 Municipal Debate, October 13, 2022

Candidates for Councilor are Frances Nunziata (incumbent)  sitting on the left, and Chiara Padovani, second from right.

Candidates for Toronto District School Board are Lanny Ferreira ( 2nd left )  Suleiman Sualim to the left of Chiara Padovani, and Liban Hassan, at the right.

Mr Hassan was tardy in advising the organizers of his attendance, and was added to the Head Table after the video system was installed.  He does have a name sign but it is not in frame. The sign is visible at about the 2 minute mark  when the camera tripod was bumped by an attendee.

The Moderator is Judith Hayes, Vice President of Mount Dennis Community Association.

All candidates for the Toronto Catholic District School Board either failed to publish their contact information at the City website, or failed to respond.

This debate was largely organized by the Weston Village Residents Association, and the use of the hall donated by the  Weston Park Baptist Church.