As wider community consultations and gatherings are halted due to challenges of COVID-19, please check out ways you can involve yourself and have your say through online engagement and socially distanced community events.


July 28, 2021 – Campus Consultation: Over the past decades, it has often been lamented that there are no local post-secondary facilities near Mount Dennis. In summer 2020, the City’s Economic development study of the area agreed. The Mount Dennis EcoNeighbourhood team organized a series of meetings. With support from Councillor Nunziata, the proposal received support from City Hall and now feasibility studies and partnership opportunities are being explored. At present nothing is decided, but land owners and educational institutions are considering options.

The Campus Development Project has reached out to local groups, and has explained the situation.  Now it is time to present the findings to a wider audience.  A Webex event was held on Wednesday evening to discuss the situation. To be very clear, there is no agreement on site or which educational institutions are interested in participating, the meeting is to let people understand what has happened to date, and to ask for input on how best to proceed.  

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City of Toronto Social Pinpoint Map where you “identify what places are important to you and what needs improvement” in Mount Dennis.

Resources and Other Connections:

  • Mount Dennis Planning Framework Study – the City of Toronto is creating a policy framework to guide future change and development within Mount Dennis.
  • Weston Mount Dennis Our Strong Neighbourhood – an initiative focused on resident engagement by increasing community leadership in decision making processes, while equipping residents with the tools to further support the tools to support their participation.