First Nations Then and Now

First Nations fished in the now drained wetlands we call Eglinton Flats.  The First Nations farmers grew mainly corn, beans, and squash, colloquially referred to as the Three Sisters.  Modern agronomists have only recently confirmed that this combination is a best practice for sustainable agriculture.

Several groups have been working in the valley to help it return to its historic state of being a forest garden ( curated forest ) where desirable trees ( birch and native food trees ) are protected, less desirable species eradicated.  In clearings, forest agriculture to grow food and medicinal plants will be developed.

Our walk will learn about these activities from people directly involved.  talks about the recoded political history of local first nations, pre clonization

Only in 2010 was a revised, and not quite final settlement reached for the lands we now stand on

historic right of access   discusses the issues, and of importance to us where we stand, the right of access to travel in the Humber valley