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The Destructor incinerator and support buildings are now the centre of the brewery district! Read about the history at

The Rose Garden and Roselands ( not to be confused!) The rose garden was a euphemism for the sewage plant on Rockcliffe.

SPA classification See map 4

Both the incinerator and sewage plant were decommissioned in the 1960’s, but no site remediation has taken place beyond grading and covering with fill. The site declared too hazardous to walk on by Ministry of the Environment in 2018

The inadequate channel and bridge on Black Creek at Rockcliffe causes flooding at 501 Alliance even in fairly minor storms. 502 Alliance is a fantastic example of resiliance, with a storm gate to protect the underground parking. Hopefully the city will see fit to direct wate away from the building instead of towards it!

City builds in the flood plain 1958

In 1980 TRCA rated Rockcliffe as #5 of 30 serious flood risks. First public information session ( this after months of preparatory work) was January 2009, by which time it was #1


Near Drowning and inadequate elevator safety regulations due to new elevators not protected against descent into water in the flooded underground parking

Sale of land to allow expanded meat packing in the district. Would the city sell land used for sewage plants in Etobicoke Queensway or on Scarborough Bluffs to increase slaughterhouse operations adjacent to homes there?

2019 Rockcliffe is #1 flood risk in GTA, estimated $319M damage if a regional storm like Hurricane Hazel repeats