Multicultural Forums

Mount Dennis is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Toronto.  The Mount Dennis Community Association (MDCA) strives to involve all community members in discussions and events. MDCA has a long history of encouraging involvement by all segments of the community, including tenants and homeowners, businesses, and organizations that live or work in Mount Dennis.

We realize that participation is particularly challenging for people new to Canada, and for those who feel excluded due to language or cultural barriers.  MDCA is organizing a series of evening seminars designed for people who want to learn how to connect  heritage communities with the wider community.  Whether you want to attend as a representative of your group, or have an interest in connecting friends and family, we want to hear from you.

The seminars will be hands on, involving case studies.  As an example, showing how  MDCA worked to make the Crosstown transit hub facility (second only to Union Station in traffic) an opportunity for neighbourhood employment, development and social engagement, while at the same time protecting community interests, and moving towards a greener 21st century economy.

Transform TO is the strategy to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050. How can you or your organization participate in Transform TO and can it bring local jobs and lower energy costs to your home? We will be asking political leaders and agency representatives how to make that a reality in the city’s most challenged areas.

Wondering how much it will cost you?  The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration is sponsoring us, so there is no cost.  We’ll also assist with transit, pizza at the evening sessions, and a modest honorarium when you bring your friends to the final event, a town hall meeting.

Mount Dennis is represented by both federal and provincial Ministers of Citizenship and Immigration, and both have offered to help with this project.  We have also had offers of support from our partner organizations, so you will have the opportunity to speak to local people, elected representatives and staff from the agencies that deliver the programs.

Interested?  Please respond by email to and we’ll add you to the event mailing group, and provide details of dates and venues and how to enroll.

A small community organization like MDCA succeeds by forming alliances and working in conjunction with others.  In the recent past, our efforts contributed to

Formation of Toronto Community Benefits Network

Saving two historic building at the Mount Dennis Community Hub

Replacing a gas fired power plant with an energy storage system

A new medical centre on Weston Road

A natural ice rink for local kids

Our annual Party by the Pond, where over 100 kids have a day at the park fishing and playing outdoors, and the community has a free social event

The beginnings of out Historic Trail in the Humber Valley

Metrolinx uses the Mount Dennis experience as their case study in successful community organizations.  No one gets everything they want.  However, positive consultations provide both better transit solutions, fewer disruptions and final product that benefits the host community.

Endorsements   TRCA Metrolinx Crosslinx

Quotes   Ministers  Toronto Hydro   Mx

What and Where

Forums will be held in Mount Dennis ( Weston Road and Eglinton Ave W ) .  TTC accessible, free parking.  Site will be selected appropriate to the number of participants

Most likely schedule Wednesday evenings in March and April

Week 1     What to do and who to affect –  agencies, governments, media

Week 2   MD Transit Hub, Part 1, a decade of work becomes a reality

Week 3  MD Transit Hub, Part 2, analysis of successes and failures

Week 4  Media relations and multi language channels, telling your story

Week 5  TransformTO   How to move to a green economy that works for everyone

Week 6   Meet the People, what makes a successful event, finale plans

Finale   Participate in a town hall style meeting, details to follow