Lavender Creek

Lavender Creek was once a pastoral tributary of the Black Creek but development of West Toronto Junction and the Stockyards district led to pollution and burial of the creek. That pollution led to the end of farming along Black Creek, with the area becoming a smelly dewage treatment plant adjacent ot an incinerator adjacent to slaughterhouses. The pollution was determined to be too dangerous to walk on during the recent sale of the lands on Rockcliffe Court.

West Toronto Junction and the Stockyards

Ontario Stockyards ( Union Stockyards + others ), 1903 – 1993

Pollution in Lavender Creek

The Guelph Suburban and burial of the creek

The Runnymede Hydro Corridor ( Now Crosstown West)

TRCA Flood Channel

TRCA and Flooding

Environmental assessments to prevent riverine flooding at Lavender Creek.