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Watch Irving Tissue upgrade their site AGAIN

Watch Irving Tissue upgrade their facility

From MDCA’s Spring 2014 Newsletter

IRVING TISSUE INVESTS BIG At a time when many industries are moving to the suburbs or shifting production overseas, Irving Tissue has made a multi-million dollar investment in its Mount Dennis plant. This factory produces more than half of the company’s famous (and now fifty-year-old) “Royale” brand towels, facial and bath tissue, as well as some private label products. The work last year has made it a modernized, more efficient facility which incorporates a large new building and state-of-the art machinery to expand its capacity and product range.

Company officials say there have been many expansions and upgrades during the plant’s 50 year lifespan, but believe this is the largest. “Irving has invested here because we intend to stay here”, says Vice President Phil Viger. “In this location we are close to many of our consumers, and can keep our skilled and dedicated work force”.

Changes at the plant paid attention to environmental issues as well as production. The new building has a “cool roof” to minimize heat absorption, while the new machinery includes heat recovery units (which explain the white “smoke”- actually steam – rising from the plant’s chimneys). Two new large underground storage tanks slow rainwater run-off, helping the City’s sewers minimize flood risks. And the attractive new trees and other landscaping along Weston Road, maintained with the aid of an underground sprinkler system, benefit the whole community.

Throughout 2013 the company had large numbers of contractors – peaking at more than 700 – arriving daily to work on different aspects of the project. Transferring large items onto the site sometimes led to lane closures on Weston Road. Viger expressed his appreciation for the understanding shown by local residents over this, the construction noise, and the short term “inversion fogs” created by some of the new heat recovery equipment – a “teething problem” Irving has now corrected.

This plant’s deep roots in our community mean many of its nearly 400 employees grew up in Mount Dennis or Weston. Some work at Irving because their fathers did. Some have stayed close to fifty years! Yet the company is regularly recruiting, and prefers people from the local area so long as they have “lots of technical aptitude” and can successfully pass the company’s rigourous tests and interviews. Partnerships with George Brown College and the Learning Enrichment Foundation are also part of Irving’s recruitment and training process.