FoodShare is a not-for-profit that is active and vocal on issues of food security. Last year they moved their operations to Mount Dennis. They held their annual general meeting, preceded by plant giveaways and followed by a delicious dinner prepared in-house.

Food share is a 32-year old not for profit organization that is vocal and active on issues of food security, access to healthy food and urban agriculture. They held their annual general meeting (AGM) at their warehouse on 120 Industry St. They welcomed members of the community at 3:30pm with plant giveaways. Several types of tomatoe plants and some herbs and kale were available for free to those who wish to grow them in a personal or community garden.

They then organized personalized tours of the building to members of the community who are unfamiliar with their work. They have a kitchen that caters healthy meals to schools, senior homes and community events; as the visitors strolled past, the kitchen was very busy preparing food for the dinner after the AGM. The facility also includes walk-in fridges and and a warehouse where Good Food Baskets are packed full of fresh produce by staff, then delivered to pick-up spots across Toronto and the GTA; the pick-up spots are managed by local volunteers. To find out more or to order your own food basket for as little as $13 visit their website at

At 5:00pm the meeting was called to order, some motions were passed and recognition was made to all those who contribute. Speakers listed some of the achievements of the past year.

FoodShare by the numbers
Some of the numbers that were mentioned by speakers
After the meeting was adjourned and right before the dinner, the new executive director Paul Taylor gave an inspiring speech in which he addressed the dire need to eradicate hunger in Canada. He also spoke about his past experiences including running a youth homeless shelter in Toronto and work he did with a disatvantaged community in B.C. He also spoke on a personal level about his upbringing as a black boy raised by a strong single mother who instilled confidence in him and expected the best out of him; and presented himself as a role model for young black kids.

Speakers also invited everyone to donate to, buy from, and share the story of the  Sunshine Garden; a therapeutic garden in which clients of CAMH who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues work and volunteer. The Sunshine Garden is a long-time FoodShare program run in partnership with CAMH. 

After 6:00pm dinner was served to all those who attended.