Major turn-out; we would like to thank everyone who participated.

Major turn-out at today’s Clean-Up; the MDCA would like to thank everyone who participated; the children who worked as hard as anyone else, the whole families who turned up, including the multi-generational families. We lost count at one point but there was 45 participants; we also lost count of the amount of garbage that was picked up from the ravines, by the first half-hour, and before everyone had showed up yet, we had already tied up 12 garbage bags of mostly recyclables.

Earth Day Clean-up Set-up
As always the MDCA provided the tools needed; we did run out of bags though and residents who live on Astoria went home and grabbed more bags
Multi-generational help
Several Generations of one family came to help out; thank you!!!
Girl rolling a car tire
Look! She found a tire and rolled it over to the collection area.
Bags from Earth Day clean-up
Loads of garbage out of our beautiful ravine and into bags.

The ravines we were at are particularly beautiful overlooking Topham Pond. Of course the litter and garbage spoils the scenery but it was a beauty day, with lots of birds flying in the blue sky; we spotted lots of red-winged blackbirds and robins, but also a male and a female cardinal, a downy woodpecker, a feral cat, a squirrel and a hawk. The Earth was happy, and by the end of the event after picking up all the visible garbage, the floor of the steep woods became as beautiful as the clear sky above it. Thanks again to everyone who helped out.