Despite the rain 10 people showed up and cleaned along Dora Spencer Rd. Although great effort went into cleaning Portage Gardens, more pick-up remains to be done.

A big thank you to the 10 individuals who helped out today, braving the rain to participate in this litter pick-up effort, including a family of 4. Sadly we didn’t remember to take a group photo.

We cleaned along Dora Spencer Rd. and then a smaller group broke out to clean Portage Gardens Park. Though we filled about 30 bags worth of litter (a majority of which are recyclables) much more work remaind to be done on the ravine edge of Portage Gardens Park.

We invite community members to reach out to MDCA if they need help organizing further clean-up dates on the Portage Gardens Park ravine edge. And once again we like to thank all those helping to beauify Mount Dennis.