December 21, 2011 Letter to Metrolinx
The Mount Dennis Community Association expressed its strong concern about three aspects of Metrolinx’ current proposals for work on the rail corridor through our area. The follow summarized the full content of the letter that is attached below:

(1) Need for Noise Reduction Barriers
We were startled to learn at a meeting in November that Metrolinx now plans to implement its work in the rail corridor WITHOUT installing any new noise barriers in the Mount Dennis area. This came as a major surprise because the 2009 report prepared for Metrolinx by J.E.Coulter & Associates recommended that such barriers be provided in all those areas which do not already have them.

(2) Need for Vibration-Reducing Ballast Mats
The 2009 report prepared for Metrolinx proposes use of ballast mats to reduce the amount of vibration transferred into the soil. It states: “The one area which is known to probably benefit from ballast mats and/or sleeper pads is the area around Mount Dennis” (because it is an area of “stiff” soils which readily transmit vibration). Despite this, the latest Metrolinx proposals call for ballast mats at various OTHER locations within the corridor, but not in Mount Dennis.

(3) Need to Preserve Trees and Shrubs
The rail corridor throughout Mount Dennis is richly endowed with trees and shrubs, all of which (we were told at the November meeting) Metrolinx intends to remove. Most Mount Dennis residents feel very strongly about the need to preserve this vegetation. At present, the trees “naturalize” the rail corridor, reducing its visual impact.

Rail Corridor 2011-12-21 letter to metrolinx