Dear friend,

Four weeks ago the Attawapiskat First Nations people declared a state of emergency; nothing has been done, not from the part of the provincial government and not from the part of the federal government. Temperatures have dropped 20 degrees, and people have no homes, 268 houses are needed to deal with the immediate backlog of homelessness. There is a chronic under-funding which has barred the First Nations people from moving forward.
We are accepting donations for the Attawapiskat Relief Strategy—Drop by our office at 36 South Station Street.
Anything from the following list will be helpful:
-non-perishable food.
-clean blankets, preferably new
-winter sports equipment
-board games
-clean clothing
-children toys
-boxes: if you bring something, bring a box with it for shipping!
-medical supplies, first aid supplies
On Sunday Dec. 4th we will deliver the donations to the XPACE cultural centre! Please distribute widely!

For more information, please visit:

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