The following update was recieved from Doug Giles, Project Coordinatior for York Community Centre. 

There has been some slippage in the construction start date for this project as we continue to grind through the approvals process.  The status of this project is as follows:

Design:  The tender ready construction documents are approximately 99% complete, requiring only some revisions suggested by the PF&R Accessibility Committee, incorporation of the (new) TTC bridge over the creek to the Chris Tonks Arena into the site design, and final Site Plan Approval comments.  

Official Plan Amendment Approval:   The required statutory public hearing pertaining to the Official Plan Amendment (required because the south west corner of the community centre building will be located within ten metres of top of bank of the valley) was held April 6, 2011.   In order for Planning to write a supportive Staff Report for the OP amendment, we have had to address TRCA concerns, including an updated Natural Heritage Study to, among other things, include a small seasonal wetland area in the study.  Consultants are planning to submit the week of August 8th an updated Natural Heritage Study and revised site plan drawings that will respond to this wetland and the updated Natural Heritage Study. 

Drawings and the study will have to be reviewed by Planning and the TRCA prior to Planning preparing a Staff Report recommending the Official Plan Amendment.  Realistically, the earliest this could likely be done is by the Sept. 28th cut-off to make the Nov. 2 community council, and the following City council meeting on Nov. 29th.  Providing no appeals are made to the OMB, this would be “final and binding” 30 days later (Dec. 29th).

Site Plan Approval:  City Planning started their Site Plan Approval review November 23, 2010 and provided comments in late February 2011.  On May 17, 2011 we resubmitted revised drawings (1st re-submission) responding to Planning comments.  On July 25, 2011 Planning provided a second round of comments requiring revisions, and we are planning to resubmit revised drawings the week of August 8th (2nd re-submission).  I’m hopeful that this will be the last re-submission.

Ministry of Environment Approval:  The Risk Assessment/Risk Management Plan has been finalized in conjunction with the revised site plan, and will be submitted to the Ministry for approval shortly following completion of a revised legal survey for this purpose.

Building Permit Approval:  Submission of a Building Permit application and drawings are planned for September, although Building’s Zoning Plan examiner will not start the zoning review until the Official Plan Amendment has been finalized (December).  Site Plan Approval is required before the full Building Permit can be issued. 

Tender & Award:  Capital Projects will be pre-qualifying General Contractors for this project shortly, and expect to be tendering this project in September/October, hopefully having received any final Site Plan Approval requirements prior.  

Due to the value of this tender award exceeding Bid Committee’s authority to award, Council approval will be required for the award of this tender.  Unfortunately the end of the year seems to be a horrible time to have to take a tender award to council — no Government Management or Executive committee meetings in December, and then Council devotes February’s Council meeting to the budget approval.  It may take four months for the award to go through the two committees and then be approved at Council.

Construction Schedule:  Based on the timely approvals of authorities having jurisdiction, the current anticipated schedule is:
Tender & Council Award: October 2011 through to April 2012
Construction: May 2012 through Winter 2013 (if necessary, landscape work may follow as weather permits).

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