A little about the Neighbourhood TAVIS initiative

The 2011 Neighbourhood TAVIS Initiative (NTI) commenced on June 13, as part of this initiative, sixty-four additional police officers and three support staff are assigned to two different neighbourhoods to conduct patrols and work together with the community – all in an effort to createsustainability, safe neighbourhoods.

The TAVIS officers will be focusing their efforts in the Weston-Mount Dennis (WMTI) neighbourhood of 12/31 Divisions and the Eglinton East -Kennedy Park (EKTI) neighbourhood in 41/43 Divisions.  These neighbourhoods were chosen using crime trend analysis, hotspot occurrence mapping and community consultation. The neighbourhoods were identified because they are experiencing a disproportionate level of criminal activity for their size.

This summer the TAVIS officers will be walking and cycling throughout the

·         to intervene and prevent violence

·         introducing themselves to neighbourhood residents and business owners

·         participating in local activities and events

·         expanding current relationships and partnerships and creating new ones

·         providing the community with information about the TAVIS  concept of policing

·         working with citizens, the community, and the City of Toronto to mobilize the community with the goal of creating a safer neighbourhood

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