As a participant in the recent online survey regarding Core Services that was conducted by the City – here is the notification we recieved:

Dear Participant,

This email is to let you know about the results of the recent Toronto Service Review Public Consultation, held between May 11 and June 17, 2011.  

 The results of the consultation are now posted online at On our website you will find:

  •  a Public Consultation Report summarizing the public input,
  • themes from our roundtable discussions,
  • reports from Councillor-led ward meetings,
  • letters and other public feedback.

We have also posted the raw data from the Feedback Forms in case you would like to do your own analysis (all personal information has been removed).  

The issues were complex and challenging to discuss.  Councillors and hundreds of members of the public attended roundtable discussions across the city and 12,955 people and organizations gave input through our feedback form – a record number for a city-wide consultation. It is clear that the public is interested in engaging on this important issue.

 The Public Consultation Report was produced by City staff following the close of the consultation period on June 17. Given the quantity and variety of input received and the time available for the initial data review, we ask that you consider the analysis to be preliminary. We invite you to read the report, explore the raw or summary data, and share your comments with us at

 The City Manager will present his Report on the Core Service Review to special meetings of City Council’s Standing Committees between July 18 and July 28. Each Standing Committee will consider a report on City services from external consultants as well as the public input from the consultation.

 Links to the external consultant reports are available on our results page and on the agendas for each Special Standing Committee meeting. Visit the City Council website for more information on meeting dates, and information on how to make a deputation (presentation) at one of the Special Standing Committee meetings.

 Once again, thank you for participating in this important public discussion.