June 7 TTC meeting
Panel Memmbers Steve Munro, Transit Advocate
Tess Konalowski, Toronto Star Transportation Reporter
Jamie Kirkpatrick, Toronto Environmental Alliance Transit Campaigner

The purpose of the forum is to gain understanding of transit planning to help MDCA determine ways to maximize community benefits and minimize negative impacts for Mount Dennis. We are asking for information on 3 areas of planning:
· the Eglinton LRT update and plans for Mount Dennis and Jane  (Station locations; at grade/above grade/subway plan for west of Keele; ea process, project approvals and timing)
· the former Kodak lands site development  (Maintenance and Storage facilities only, or more? Employment Planning, collaborative Economic Development, timing)
· the Mount Dennis Mobility Hub (what is a mobility hub? what plans for a hub are in the works for Mount Dennis? will there be a stop for GO/ARL?)

June 14 Neigbors Night Out Dennis Avenue
The Neighbours’ Night Out Program is a fun and easy way to help create a safe community and get to know your neighbours. More than a quarter of million residents have participated throughout in the GTA since the program started in 1985. Neighbours are encouraged to hold small parties with people in their area, on their street or in their buildings. It’s a great way to get to know your neighbours and build community. This year the official NNO night is June 21. The Crime Prevention Association of Toronto (CPAT) is the champion for the Neighbours’ Night Out program across the city, as well as Neighbourhood Watch, community safety audits and the ABCs of Crime. More information on these programs can be found at http://cpatoronto.org