At the most recent MDCA meeting a number of people spoke or wrote of thier transit city stories – here are a few:

My wife and I do not drive.  We want faster, safer rides.  I have to go to work on the bus and am sometimes late because the bus is late.  A special lane for the LRT would be better.  My family needs the TTC as I don’t drive.  We need economical public transit.  It is also more environmentally friendly to have electric LRT.

The library offers free passes to events in Toronto like the Science Centre but it is a very long journey with kids on public transit.  So we have given up trying to go.

It is quicker to go south on the Jane bus to the subway to get to Yonge/Eglinton than to go on the Eglinton bus.  There is a 20-30 minute wait for the bus at Weston /Eglinton in the middle of the day and heavy traffic makes it a very slow ride.

I bought a house in Mount Dennis 2 years ago and I work downtown in construction. I finish work at 3pm.  The buses are practically packed with school children.  They can be rude about my dirty work clothes so I drive. If we had the LRT it would be more spacious.  The timing would be better so I would get home quicker.

I work at Eglinton and Avenue Road and I don’t drive.  It would improve my life to have an Eglinton LRT.  We celebrated the announcement.  The TTC has dealt with us badly with regard to timelines for community feedback etc. We welcome the delay as it gives more time to consider the plan and the design, especially for the Weston/ Eglinton area. We hope there will be more plans for the Kodak lands not to put a TTC maintenance yard but something maybe for blue collar jobs, maybe retail.

To do anything in Toronto from Mount Dennis means a drive downtown.  If there was better transit I would use it.

I have given up on driving.  My wife drives our car 90% of the time. I am a transit advocate. Despite the TTC bragging that our system is very good, it is far worse than Vancouver and many other Canadian cities. There are many employment opportunities for people from Mount Dennis in the airport corridor that are being denied by stopping the LRT at Jane. Our area is not supported politically so we get ignored.