Public Transit is the lifeblood of our city. Torontonians use transit to get to work, social functions, to run errands and attend appointments. Our buses, while good for short trips, are full and overflowing. People in large parts of this city spend hours every day on the TTC.

Transit City is about replacing slow bus rides with rapid transit to ALL parts of Toronto. The funding to build Transit City was promised and announced by Premier Dalton McGuinty numerous times since 2007 but the Provincial Government has recently announced it will delay that funding, putting the entire project at risk. Transit delayed is transit denied.

For us in Mount Dennis that could mean a delay in the building of the Eglinton Cross-town LRT (previously targeted for phased completion in 2016, 2018 and to the airport by 2020).  On top of that it also means delays in job creation (estimated 10,000 construction jobs on on this line alone) and long term transit service and maintenance jobs within our community.   Mount Dennis has been promised improved transit for more than 25 years  –  we even saw the start of construction of an Eglinton subway in 1991.  It is time to tell our political leaders that:

  • Years of promises for future transit are simply not good enough for the people of Mount Dennis!
  • Your government is failing in its responsibility to address the needs of priority neighborhoods like ours!
  • We need more public transit, we need investment in our community and we need the jobs that go with it now!