With about 60 people in attendance we all agreed that Mount Dennis needs improved public transit and are very much in support of the propose Eglinton Cross-town LRT.  However based on our meeting of January 13th, there is strong opposition in Mount Dennis to the TTC’s proposal to build the Eglinton LRT at-grade through our community. The overwhelming majority of local residents, especially those living on or close to Eglinton Avenue, want to see the line built underground in this area


Key Concerns :

  • amount of property that would have to be expropriated
  • visual impact on the community
  • loss of green space

Also important are

  • noise
  • safety (especially at main intersection of Weston road and Eglinton, and Eglinton Flats park entrances)
  • creation of a barrier that will divide the north and south halves of Mount Dennis



         move LRT station east of Weston Road

         link LRT and GO train stations in a transport hub

         create a covered surface version of the station

         create a hybrid version: underground only at Weston / Eglinton, not at Black Creek

         more accurate costing for both systems is needed

         use local labour for construction work

         increase parking; add more parking lots   

         clarify expropriation requirements

         improve streetscaping



         do we need a station at Black Creek?

         why do we need rail-car storage west of Weston when there will be a TTC yard on the Kodak lands providing mass storage?

         why not put the maintenance yard on property already owned by the City or Province?

         how does the amount of property expropriation needed for an underground station near Weston compare to what’s needed at Keele, or for other stations along the line?