MDCA is advocating that the regional transit expansion on our rail corridor use electric trains, not polluting diesels. There has been a lot in the newspapers recently with confusing information about health concerns, and Metrolinx is to have issued a household newsletter saying there is nothing to worry about. The Toronto Medical Officer of Health, contrary to the Metrolinx stories, is concerned and wants the trais to be electric.   For more info on this, check out


Heres a view of the train as it made its way south from the Junction along the rail path and into Sorauren Park:      

The Human train and the Whistle stop in  Mount Dennis event helped to build the momentum and connect our neighbourhood, and people could not miss banner stretched across the corner of Weston and Eglinton.  The crowd singing to Lin Cheong’s remix of  Do The Locomotion was a hit, and we now have our Mount Dennis Theme Song.  Guest speakers Councillor Frances Nunziata, MP Alan Tonks, Public School Trustee Chris Tonks  and Mike Sullivan from the Clean Train coalition were all great!  All of this plus the greetings by the Community Theatre folks at LEF and Coffee Time corner along the way gave everyone a real boost as the Human Train gained energy and length in our way down toward the Junction.

 The Human Train moved through events at the Junction, at Wallace Bridge and to the Main Rally at Sorauren Park where Louise gave greetings from Mount Dennis and we heard Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health say he recommends electrification.  I estimate we had between 1200 and 1500 people were at the rally (don’t believe the newspaper count). About 600 of us continued along Queen street to the finale at Trinity Bellwoods Park, with drummers and the signing of a large message to Premier McGuinty.

 Again, thanks for an amazing effort to all involved and I look forward to us all continuing to get the community engaged in the Clean Train campaign.

 Ps. Heres a couple of utube videos and the more coverage on the event.